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CodeMaster is an industrial digital transformation platform for all production enterprises. It increases your productivity with 100% web-based, local or cloud-based real-time applications that implement the Industry 4.0 concept. It handles the digital transformation process in your business from installation or revision of automation systems to ERP integration. It offers turnkey solutions by digitizing all your production, quality and maintenance processes.

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Step by Step Factory Digitalization

  • Connect
    Safe and continuous connection to any machine or control system.
  • Collect
    Secure and real-time data collection from any data source.
  • Transform
    100% platform-independent, web-based real-time traceability, smart notification of production and maintenance.
  • Analyze
    Dynamic reports with big data analytics tools, real-time production and maintenance data analytics, production optimization, predictive and preventive maintenance.

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Most industrial applications fail due to insufficient machine connection and control system integration. CodeMaster simplifies communication with ethernet or wifi access while connecting directly to machines or control systems in real-time. Add your production, maintenance, and quality indicators with the advanced web interface and easily monitor, track, manage in real-time. As industry 4.0 solution, benefit and improve the services that learn and alert, inform and report with smart notification services.



Smart production monitoring application for SMEs. Data from any control system or machine can be connected, collected and archived in real-time and stored in any database. Production dashboards can be monitored and managed from all mobile platforms. With smart notification services, all production KPIs are reported instantly. Production data analytics can reveal unknown indicators of production. Production intelligence, downtimes, and productivity analyses are performed automatically and improvements are shared with authorized persons.

Smart Kobi CodeMaster
Smart Kalıp


It is smart mold is a traceability application.Plastic injection, aluminum injection, lamination and traceability of sheet/plate mechanical molds used in production facilities are designed as an integrated machine-mold system. Mold information and data on the machine are collected, archived and stored in the database in real-time via an RFID tag mounted on each mold. SmartKalıp 4.0 application can be visualized and managed from all mobile platforms. All mold indicators such as mold number, last maintenance or service life are recorded in the mold, can be monitored and reported with a smart notification system. Production cycles that provide preventive maintenance of molds are also counted and followed. In this way, operation faults and user problems related to mold tracking are prevented.


It is Smart CNC Bench Traceability application. Data from Siemens Sinumerik CNC control systems are connected, collected, archived in real-time, and stored in the database. Dashboards developed for CNC machines can be monitored and managed from all mobile platforms. With smart notification services, all indicators for machines can be reported instantly. In this way, it makes CNC machines more efficient and increases quality and productivity. Machine data analytics can reveal unknown indicators of machine tools. Machine performances can be measured, downtime and productivity analyses are performed automatically, and preventive and predictive maintenance improvements are shared with authorized persons.

Smart CNC Codemaster
Smart Energy Codemaster


Professional Services
CodeMaster provides software, consultancy and training services to make your digital transformation roadmap.

Dıgıtal Transformatıon Consultancy

Your Digital Transformation Architect

Take the first step to digital transformation with CodeMaster.
It creates a roadmap for enterprises that want to step into digital transformation and becomes your digital transformation partner. Our expert colleagues make the necessary feasibility studies in your business, determine your digital maturity level, and report it to you. It provides all kinds of technical support and consultancy regarding the necessary hardware and software infrastructure.

Industry 4.0 Constultancy

Your Industrial Information Technology Specialist

As a digital transformation partner, CodeMaster enables you to build a successful strategy on Industry 4.0 and implement your full-scale factory digitization initiatives. Let's optimize the processes and increase your productivity by choosing the appropriate hardware and software for your business with our expert staff, determining your application strategies for new technologies or using the technologies you are applying in the best way!


CodeMaster Academy

  • Industry 4.0 Training for Your Company/Employees
  • Industry 4.0 Basic and Application Training
  • Siemens Industrial Communication Systems Training
  • Siemens WinCC Scada Systems Training
  • Siemens Simatic RFID Identification Systems Training
  • Siemens Simatic S7 PLC (S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-300, S7-400) Training
  • Customized Trainings


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